• What is Cahootify ?  

Cahootify is an online portfolio and team forming platform for media, film and entertainment industry. It allows you to demonstrate what you interested on and what your main focuses are. Cahootify is a brand new platform, created by Peter Francomb (the CEO) and his team, for people who are excited and passionate for the Film/Media Industry.  At Cahootify you can create online projects portfolios where you can tell who you are, show them what projects you’ve done. Also you can form teams, which allows you to make part of their team. To create an account it’s completely for free, although there are some premium features that may be charged. Cahootify it’s an organised and original method that allows people to produce their own content related within the Media Industry and try to stand out. It’s possible to meet professional people that are into the same category, see their work and be able to critically give your analyses. They allow users to create web based profiles, where people can interconnect with other people and share their content online and also receive comments and feedback about their work.




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Santa’s Gifts

This is a great time of the Year, that everyone has been waiting for. CHRISTMAS !! Christmas is all about love to each others, compassion, being with the family and sharing gifts and happiness.


So today, my blog post is about different types of gifts that you can get for you family and friends.

  1. Jumpers christmas jumpers

So they can feel cosy, warm and still trending.

2. Gift Cards


If you not ensure in what to give to your family and friends, why not just to give a Gift Card? It is easy solution and saves you time .

3. Perfumes


Perfumes are gifts that are always esteemed. So, if you know the type of fragrance that your friend loves, you should definitely get it.


4. Nightwear


Pajamas are a gift that no matter what , your loved one will always wear it and feel comfy. He will always remind you.



The Mobo Awards 2015

The Mobo Awards for “Music of Black Origin” encompassing urban music, hip-hop, reggae, gospel and jazz were established in 1996 by Kanya King and Andy Ruffel. The Mobo Awards show is a ceremony held annually in the United Kingdom to recognise artists of any ethnicity who create black/ urban music


We have created a podcast with some information regarding the Mobo Awards 2015.

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Taxonomy and Folksonomy of Twitter

Taxonomy of Twitter

Taxonomy is a formal classification using a tiered term structure.

One of the taxonomies of Twitter would be the classification of Verified and Unverified accounts. This shows up as a blue tick next to the Twitter handle of the users. It separates public figures from the general public. This is useful because it represents official accounts and therefore makes it easier to identify and search for them.

Also, everybody in the Twitter-verse has a unique Twitter handle and therefore it gives each user their individuality and makes it easier for them to be found.

The Tweets are ordered in a way in which the more recent are at the top of the feed. The most popular Tweets that become re-tweeted are also towards the top.


Categories of Twitter

People can create a list of users that share the same interests and views as them. Within this, recent Tweets and updates are shown so the user can be fully informed of popular activity.

Twitter Folksonomy

Folksonomy, known as social tagging, is system in which users can apply public tags to online items, determined by everyday public. It’s a user Folksonomies democratize the way that information is structured; they’re more useful to users. One of the most important strengths of Folksonomy is that it directly reflects on the vocabulary of users.

Elements of Twitter Folksonomy

  • Users
  • Tags
  • Resource
  • Users create tags to mark resources such as Web pages, podcasts, pictures, videos.
  • These tags are used to managed, categorize and summarize online content.
  • Folksonomy also includes a set of URL’s that are used to indentify resources that have been referred by users of different websites.

“###” are abbreviations, word of phrases preceded by a crosshatch symbol. If a large number of messages share a hashtag, an algorithm ensures these messages have higher visibility or trend.

Twitter is defined by several characteristics that increases its structure: It’s accessible; there’s no hierarchy; it’s categorize content (there is a classification system that links ideas and comments, and its generate by users.

Design me Something


Interior Design is the collection of ways in which any inside space is arranged, and can include everything from art to furniture and upholstery.

The biggest change from the 90s was the move from minimalism to the use of much richer, deeper and interesting colour. The trend for this decade has been made for comfort. People want to come home and feel comfortable.

This decade has been about putting an individual stamp on a property and making it your own.

This topic appeals to any audience because it’s a way of self-expression. It inspires people and it’s another way to look into Art. It makes it shareable since people started looking for inspiration and seeing other people’s work design.

Equal Rights For Women


In a few countries, women are treated differently due to the fact that they’re women. By being women, does that mean that they’re inferior than men ?

They are told since they’re born that they’re supposed to get married, have children, and being  housewives . Many of them don’t get the opportunity of going to educational institutions, which is unbelievable unrealistic.
In a few cases, it gets related to Culture reasons. Women are not born only to serve men’s needs. There needs to be Equal Rights and Duties from both parts.

I feel that these types of societies should be banned, because women can’t be afraid of showing their power, strength and value. They need to stand up for their rights and show what they’re capable of, not being scared of what ” THE SOCIETY” might think .